Hello everyone. My name is Zoya Arshad Karim and I study in Pakistan International SCHOOL-DOHA/QATAR. I like to read books, gain as much knowledge as I can, listen to music.

I’m really glad to Mrs. Mary that she gave me a chance to become a student ambassador! It’s really a huge opportunity and I’m really excited on taking a step further in this project.

I joined iEarn in November 2016 and it has been almost two years since I’ve been a part of this project. iEARN is a major platform which discusses the global issues. It is a place where we all students and teachers come together as one single community and work on the issues and present our ideas on how to solve these problems. Similarly, World Hunger is one of the major global issues at the moment and I’m looking forward to contribute as much as I can in solving this problem with my fellow mates through iEARN.

You all are most welcomed to share your ideas and ways on how you people want to contribute in this project. Don’t be shy, we all will work together. So let’s all come together as one and help each other to find solutions to hunger.