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World Savvy

World Savvy Challenge

The World Savvy Challenge engages students in project-based learning and collaborative problem-solving around a global theme, and empowers them to take informed action to address 21st century challenges locally and globally.

Participation in the World Savvy Challenge is open to students in middle and high schools in Northern California and Minnesota. Nationally, student can participate in the Challenge through the Online World Savvy Challenge.


Media & Arts Program

World Savvy’s Media & Arts Program (MAP) is an interdisciplinary art and media education program that empowers the next generation to think creatively and critically about the world’s greatest challenges. Local communities become classrooms as educators and their students explore complex global themes and develop 21st century skills: literacy, critical thinking, expression, empathy, and leadership. The MAP inspires and supports educators to harness the power of art and media as a lens to examine real world local and global challenges in their classrooms.

This program is available to middle and high school students and educators in the New York and San Francisco metro areas, and nationally through our Customized Consulting programs.


American Youth Leadership Program

The American Youth Leadership Program (AYLP) brings U.S. participants abroad for a fully-funded, cross-cultural exchange. These exchanges unite U.S. students and educators with residents of host countries to explore one another’s culture and critical global issues such as climate change and food security. The AYLP is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, and administered by World Savvy. World Savvy is currently running the second and final year of the AYLP – Bangladesh, with a focus on climate change, and the pilot year of the AYLP – Peru, with a focus on food security and nutrition.