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Sample Lesson

6. Speaking Up for Peace, Dignity & Equality

The UN has outlined the Zero Hunger Target by 2030, in which they strive to have 100% access to food across the world by this year. Given the immensely challenging and fluctuating times we are living in, eliminating hunger will not be possible without constantly staying aware of how swift the world is changing and, with it, every person’s unique story.
● 0% of children under the age of two experiencing growth abnormalities
● 100% access to adequate food all year round
● All food systems are sustainable
● 100% increase in smallholder productivity and income
● Zero loss or waste of food

Outcome. To bring awareness and knowledge about individual persons/countries rapidly evolving situations regarding food insecurity. To inspire activism through the power of speech to change minds.

Activity Level—Middle & Upper School

1. The UN is holding a fictional meeting to discuss their progress towards the Zero Hunger Target by 2030; yet, they find themselves so focused on statistics about the world at large that they are much less aware of the stories of specific countries and its citizens. Each student in your class is invited to give a speech in front of their class of UN “world leaders” to present the stories of specific parts of the world.

2. To prepare for this UN meeting, students can be assigned to either represent a country or even create an accurate, well researched narrative of a specific person living in that country. Students should research the statistics and history of food insecurity in their country along with finding/listening to any firsthand perspectives if possible. They could also include topics such as the cost of grain, how many people have access to clean water, and how current world problems are affecting hunger in their nation. The final product is a brief speech from each student on behalf of their assigned country/person delivered to their class of UN “world leaders.” For virtual adaptations, this could be done over a video call or just be a written speech.