Children Have The Right……

Children have the right to be loved,
to live in the family, to rest, to learn,
to live in peace, to have their own friends.

They have the right to express their own opinions,
the right to freedom of thought and religion,
the right to privacy.

They have the right to medical care,
the right to own identity,
the right to protect against violence

and the right to obtain information
from various sources.

Dear My Friends,
On 8 March, at my secondary school we are celebrating “Women’s Day” like other countries in the world. Although my secondary school is having both girls and boys, we joined together and
made a discussion about finding solutions to hunger as well as the rights of children in our countries. We have shortage of rainfall this year so our discussion was mainly on how women and men can join together to ensure that family have enough food to eat. Inside of our discussion, the students brought together these rights for all children to share.

Sajigwa Nikupala G.N
Headmaster Kibakwe Secondary School


Kibakwe is village in the county of Tanzania. Its center lies at a latitude of -6.71667 and longitude of 36.36667. It has an elevation of 1133 meters above sea level. Like many other places in Africa, Kibakwe village is threatened by the rate of tree loss. People are cutting trees mainly to make charcoal or for cooking. Goats and cows graze freely, threatening unprotected trees and exacerbating the already acute problem of deforestation.
This destruction is having devastating consequences and it is widely recognized that it is the poorest of the poor who will suffer the greatest impact. With this in mind, we seek to address two of the most significant problems on the planet by specifically targeting two interrelated issues: extreme poverty and deforestation.
The population of this village is about 96700. There is only one secondary school,
Kibakwe Secondary School, and two primary schools. The population of this village tends to increase day after day. Most people of this place are living depending on agriculture activities, business. A few of them are government workers. There is high environmental problems due to an increasing of population as well as their activities.
The picture shows types of houses found in my village. You can see that they are being roofing using trees and grasses. There are very few houses with iron sheets. You can see that they are being roofing using trees and grasses. There are very few houses with iron sheets.

The above pictures show the market place. You can see how wood is sold. This is the everyday activity as I told you, that people cut down trees without planting for domestic use. People also cut down trees for making bricks. The question is: after 20 years to come, where will these people get trees for making bricks????
I need to educate people to the importance of planting trees and find the alternative way of making these bricks.

This picture shows a small forest reserve at my secondary school. As the headmaster of Kibakwe Secondary School, my second role is to educate my society and my students about environmental issues as well as other health problems. Thus, people from Kibakwe would like to learn more about our school as well as various activities which are taking place at my school for the benefit not only for students but for the whole society.
This picture shows type of trees found at my village and at the back you can see the mountain with less trees as well as scatted trees.


“I believe that no one will make this village green without involving students as well as the society” I will begin with students and later on the society will adapt and learn from our school, even the nearby primary schools.
We have a group of students here at my school. Their role is to fight for environmental issues. We have decided to have the project of making this village green through planting trees as well as educating other students and the society. I know it is a hard work but I wish one day to see this village green.


1. We have already collected the soil and manure form animals and mixed the soil.
2. Due to lack of knowledge of planting trees, last week I met with a district forest officer and expressed my project of making this village green. I seek for advice on what to do.
He told me to find a water can, a fine soil and the plastic bags for planting trees. Then he will visit to my school and show us what to do. Also I asked him the proper seeds for this place. He told me he will find out and give and answer. Aoon he will come to my school again. Therefore I hope for support from my district education officer for assistance on this project of making this village green as well as the way of getting supplies of trees for my village.
If you have questions please just be free to ask. Thank you very much.

God bless you.
Yours, Sajigwa Nikupala G.N