RESULTS Education Fund

RESULTS Education Fund (REF) knows that:

  1. All of the solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty already exist.
  2. A lack of political will is preventing us from putting these solutions into practice.

So REF has created a system of training and support to generate the political will necessary to put the solutions to hunger and poverty in place. What does it mean to generate political will? It means persuading the people who have the power to change things to actually make the changes needed to end hunger and poverty. In our case, the people who have the power are our elected officials-representatives, senators, and the President. They have the money and the ability to make policies that can put poverty solutions in place.

The good news is that these people work for us-we hire them (through voting), and we pay their salaries (through taxes). The bad news is that too few of us are supervising the people who work for us-we aren’t actively telling them that we want them to make ending hunger and poverty a top priority in their work.

We call the people who actively work to persuade their members of Congress, “advocates”. Here are some resources if you are considering becoming an advocate:

If you want to take action today with your elected officials, see our Take Action page.

Use these resources to learn more about the issues RESULTS works on: Education for All, Economic Opportunity, Health, and Funding for Poverty Solutions.

To learn more about advocacy and how RESULTS works, check out our Basics Training.

To get detailed guidance on developing your advocacy skills, check out the RESULTS Activist Milestones. The Milestones provide guidance on how to take action, at all skill levels, with Congress, the media, and our communities.

To get involved with RESULTS you can join an Introduction to RESULTS call or find a RESULTS chapter near you.

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