Hello everybody , My name is Lujin Adel al-Mesri from Pakistan International School DOHA / QATAR. I like to read books and sing. I like to help people through this project and iEARN.

I have been contributing in this project since a year. It has been an amazing experience and now my friends and I are taking it to the next step by becoming student ambassadors! Through this we will be able to help all of you new ones and everyone in general.

Basically the finding solutions to hunger project talks about the root causes of hunger, from unequal distribution of food to natural causes. Not that only, here we discuss our contributions to solve hungers in our own way based on our area. In the past year we made presentations , fundraising activities , meal projects and other things to tell the people around us WHAT IS HUNGER . hunger is more than just a word or an issue. It’s the main cause of death around the world.

Everyone, you are more than welcome to join us in this project. We are all one family around the world. We must put our hands together for a better future.

Finding Solutions to Hunger

Hunger: The Global Murderer Lujin Adel Al-Mesri

1) We all are blessed with a good life

We have a lot of food to eat
But what about that husband and wife whose home is the street?

2) We have a lot and more and more We eat more than we can take

But that man, oh with a broken core! Can’t you give something for his sake ?

3) You sleep happy and wake up happy

And get ready to hit the hay
But what about those whose lives are crappy Whom hunger kills everyday?

4) All of you open your eyes and look around you Please, there isn’t much time

There’s so much which you can do.
Stop hunger, stop this crime.