1. Amani Zaim

Hello my name is Amani I’m born in Lebanon and I’m currently a high school student. I attended a lot of extracurricular activities like MUN delegate, scout … through these experiences I have learned to interact with diverse group of people , which has increased my ability to communicate and relate to others and to fit in.

Every second a person dies of hunger . Right now, more than 1 billion people suffer from hunger. What should we do to stop it ?

We’re all set to inform you about some changes our society can do in order to curb hunger.
My friend (Rayan) and I (Amani ) suggested some solutions that could curb hunger in some ways.

First , students can plant vegetables and fruits in their schools’ gardens or their houses’ gardens then give these crops to hungry and needy people they know.

Secondly, if the country could afford a small land in front of a river to a group of hungry people so they would take water from the river and use it to plant water their crops .

People could’ve donated money to hungry (as a short-term solution) but it is important to take into consideration that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime as Lao Tsu once said. To stop this catastrophic world problem, working to prohibit the main causes that are poverty and illiteracy is one of the solutions. Not only free schools and studying centers should be open for needy people in order to be educated, but volunteers can teach these children and adolescents in their camps or houses. Children are the future pillars of our nation.

Right now, more than 1 billion people suffer from hunger. This means that 1 in every 6 people on Earth don’t get enough food to live a healthy life.

Hunger and malnutrition make the body weak and vulnerable to diseases and infections as the body does not have the fuel to build muscle and fight off infections. In children, this is deadly and many children die in hunger prone areas for this reason. One out of six children – roughly 100 million – in developing countries is underweight. Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five – 3.1 million children each year. But hunger can be curbed by controlling birth education.  High birthrates pose a problem when trying to solve hunger. Many people are not educated on reproduction or do not have access to contraceptives. Gaining access to contraceptives allows for family planning and economic freedom.

2. Reina

My name is Reina. I’m a 16-year-old Palestinian girl who was born and raised in Lebanon, Beirut. I want to study medicine in college ( hopefully ) and I’m more than excited to take part in IEARN to share ideas with students all around the globe.

As a start, I’m very into discussing or debating any social issue and even writing about. I find great pleasure in in sharing and expressing my thoughts and ideas on a certain topic. Second, Hunger in Lebanon is made worse still by a population of refugees that have come to the country with next to nothing and have found little in the way of work since. Currently, 70 percent of Lebanon’s refugee population live below the poverty line. Hunger has become a daily reality for many now living in Lebanon. Third, hunger to me is a state where one is not getting the sufficient amount of food required for a healthy lifestyle due to certain reasons such as poverty, war etc… Because hunger is a very sensitive and personal topic to me as it is affecting my people back in my motherland Palestine, and many in my hometown Lebanon, it is my deepest concern to take action towards this topic. Personally, the first step i would take to tackle this issue is to raise awareness towards the seriousness of this problem. I would launch campaigns that would educate individuals about hunger and its detrimental effects on both humans and society then find applicable solutions. It is once said: “Awareness is a key ingredient in success”. My goal is to educate and aware then start applying.
Best regards

3. Reina Agha

Hunger is a social phenomenon that is spreading across the globe. Asia is the continent with the hungriest people – two thirds of the total. The percentage in southern Asia has fallen in recent years but in western Asia it has increased slightly. Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest prevalence (percentage of population) of hunger. It is crucial to know the causes of this issue. The world produces enough to feed the entire global population of 7 billion people. And yet, one person in eight on the planet goes to bed hungry each night. So why does hunger exist?

First, poverty is the main cause of hunger in the world. This is true in rich and poor countries alike. It is true no matter whether people live in urban or rural areas. Most people who are hungry are living in extreme poverty, defined as income of $1.25 per day or less. Second, poor infrastructure causes hunger by making it difficult — sometimes impossible — to transport food to areas of a country where there are shortages. People have died of hunger in one region of a country while there was plenty of food in another region. Third, Hunger is both a cause and effect of war and conflict. Wide-scale poverty and hunger lead to frustration and resentment with governments that appear to ignore hungry people’s plight. The poorest members of society suffer the worst during war and conflict. Homes are destroyed and communities of people are displaced.

Long term hunger is a horrendous feeling anyone can bear. It significantly impacts one’s physical and mental states. A person who is hungry feels as follow: sets of cravings, constant state of anger and frustration, extreme fatigue or exhaustion, dizziness, inability to concentrate and focus and somewhat sadness.

According to Oxford Dictionary, hunger has 3 main definitions which are:
1. The uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food.
2.The want or scarcity of food in a country
3. A strong desire or craving.

It is saddening to say that The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 815 million people of the 7.6 billion people in the world, or one in ten, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2016. (Almost all the hungry people, live in developing countries.)

4. Tala Osman

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. … They tackle the root causes of poverty and unite us together to make a positive change for both people and planet.

The food and agriculture sector offers key solutions for development, and is central for hunger and poverty eradication.

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.
Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable
Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.
Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in…etc

A profound change of the global food and agriculture system is needed if we are to nourish the 815 million people who are hungry today and the additional 2 billion people expected to be undernourished by 2050. Investments in agriculture are crucial to increasing the capacity for agricultural productivity and sustainable food production systems are necessary to help alleviate the perils of hunger.

5. Sara Diarbakerly

Hello everyone, my name is Sara Diarbakerly. I’m Lebanese, I tried many extracurricular activities before and I like having new experiences. I’m so interested to be in I EARN this year and have this experience too. So as I’ve said that I’ve tried many extracurricular activities before. MUN is one of the international programs that I passed through. We really worked hard to find solutions that can curb the catastrophic issues our societies suffering of (hunger- pollution …) . The strategy was that every one of us was a delegate of a country . We discuss our problems and help each other and work on the solution paper. I suggest the same strategy that really works.

gave me opportunity to know a lot about hunger all over the world, and my participation in scouts and one of the NGOs for 8 years in Lebanon informed me about hunger in Lebanon. My class’ name in MUN was “Martin Luther King,” one of many 20th century political figures who considered it important to fight hunger: “When I die, don’t build a monument to me. Don’t bestow me degrees from great universities. Just clothe the naked. Say that I tried to house the homeless. Let people say that I tried to feed the hungry.” Hunger is a condition in which a person, for a sustained period, is unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritional needs. Lebanon faces a number of humanitarian hurdles like an underdeveloped agricultural south, a growing refugee burden, and spillover from the war in neighboring Syria. The burgeoning refugee population adds tremendous pressures on local health facilities, water and sanitation systems, and food systems and markets. Action Against Hunger is working to ensure that our short-term assistance responds to lasting needs and that the Lebanese population benefit from the programs through local production and purchase, improved competition, and enterprise creation, helping refugees and host communities alike.

In my opinion hunger can be curbed by measures taken by governments and people themselves. We should launch campaigns that raise people’s awareness and make everyone responsible about hunger. In Lebanon many organizations are trying to help , they are distributing food all over Lebanon to people in needs. Others are distributing food to mosques and churches so people in need can benefit. Governments should enact laws and make organizations and finance it to all hungry people. Hunger really needs immediate solutions to be taken to surmount this issue.

6. Rayan Korok  

My name is Rayan I am a grade 11 student from Zahia Kaadora Public School in Beruit, Lebanon.   I enjoy listening to music and volunteer work. I am in love with biology, physics and reading,

Being a part in this project is indeed exciting and amazing. As I said I’m a grade 11 student entered the modern United nations before so I became more interested in helping and leading about the world more after the MUN experience. As far as see Lebanon do suffer from hunger although not in a large amount compared to a other hungry countries.

A group of citizens that suffer from poverty and Syrian refugees do suffer from malnutrition.
As simple as the word hunger can be it holds and leaves detrimental and catastrophic effects on human kind. Hunger is torture and itself. According to the United Nations
World Food Programme, hunger is defined as a state of discomfort resulting from the decreased or lack of food intake. Evident phenomena that result from hunger include
undernourishment and malnourishment. Undernourishment, considered as a measurement of food deprivation by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is when an individual does not have the enough dietary energy to maintain a healthy life. As for malnourishment, it is the lack of dietary energy which results from the
insufficiency of the quality or variety of the consumed food.
Thank you.