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World Savvy

  • Expand your knowledge on "Breaking Barriers" by viewing World Savvy’s resources here.
  • In thinking about sustainability, it is crucial that we consider the most vulnerable elements of society, as they are often most affected by problems such as poor water quality, food insecurity, and climate change. Learn more about how sustainability relates to poverty and hunger. *
  • Learn more about local food economies and access resources for additional insight on food politics.



Welcome to the Food Security Learning Center: A hub of practical resources to help you connect with others who are making change.

Food and Farm Bill: The Food and Farm Bill drives food policy in the U.S. It determines what we eat, how much food costs, and where and how it is grown.

U.S. Hunger: Over 49 million Americans live in food insecure households. Learn more in U.S. Hunger and some of the programs that can reduce hunger in the U.S.

Youth and the Food System: Youth have been key to advancing social justice movements throughout history. And the same is true now in the food justice movement! The time is ripe for youth to take the lead.

Cooking up Community: Nutrition Education for Emergency Food Providers: This comprehensive, 88 page capacity building guide gathers resources and information about innovative nutrition education programming by organizations around the country. These models can serve as examples and inspiration to create new programming or as sources for collaboration and ideas.

A Brief History of the Emergency Food System

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This link will take people to RESULTS' Activist Milestones, our Basics Training, and the RESULTS Champion Scale—all great learning centers

RESULTS helps advocates influence their members of Congress so that we can change public policy and move forward with real solutions for global poverty. Educators can look at our current campaigns and gain background on the poverty solutions for which student can advocate.

RESULTS helps advocates influence their members of Congress so that we can change public policy and move forward with real solutions for U.S. poverty, too. Educators can look at our current campaigns and gain background on the poverty solutions for which students can advocate.


Food Tank

Academy for Global Citizenship

The Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) is a Chicago Public Charter School that focuses on bringing kids environmental sustainability education, with a facility that includes a schoolyard garden and chickens and information about nutrition and where students' food comes from.

Composting in school cafeterias

Why compost?
Many colleges have begun composting programs for the schools' food courts and cafeterias, including Dickinson, Connecticut College and Sarah Lawrence. This cuts down on food waste, which is the second largest contributor to waste produced in the United States. By collecting the food that would otherwise go into the trash, students are turning the waste into a valuable resource for gardens.


Earth Amplified

Earth Amplified is a hip hop band from Oakland, CA, that describes itself as "eco-culture that bangs." Through its music and associated projects, the group is educating people about the problems of food deserts and food injustice.


Fanrpan's Youth in Agriculture

More than 200 million young people call sub-Saharan Africa home, and 70 percent of rural residents depend on agriculture in some way for their livelihoods. FANRPAN's project Youth in Agricultureworks to empower these young stakeholders to sustainably shape agricultural development in Africa.


Move For Hunger

Forty percent of our food is never eaten; lit ends up in landfills. To help minimize this, Move for Hunger collects food donations from people moving houses. The service picks up unwanted non-perishable foods and takes them to local food banks.



ShujaazFM began as a comic book that follows the stories of four young Kenyans, using themes such as making money, citizenship, and good farming. The characters choose to make positive changes in their society.


Team Ingenerovictus

Team Ingenerovictus is made up of students from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee competing in the Thought for Food Challenge, which is looking for innovative solutions to the problem of feeding 9 billion people by 2050. Ingenerovictus, their project, collects food scraps, to which donors alert the service providers through an Android app. The service utilizes a credit system, allowing food donors to collect credits redeemable for new food purchases.


Heifer International

Heifer offers free, standards-based lessons for teachers to incorporate into the classroom. All lessons can be accessed here

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