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World Savvy

Clicking here would lead to selected videos and stories that demonstrate what an educator can do to help kids change the world while learning important writing/reading/math skills on specific topics
Meet a few of our teachers, who are partnering with World Savvy to transform learning in the classroom:

  • Educators Spotlight: Get to know World Savvy educators and what’s been going on in their classrooms!
  • Join the Movement: Watch teachers and principals talk about the importance of their students becoming global citizens!
  • Looking for inspiration to integrate global topics into the classroom? Check out examples of student work!


Rapping about food justice!: A rap from youth Dante Kaleo, from the food justice program of Farm Fresh Choice, a program of the Ecology Center in Berkeley, CA, that gets at the heart of reclaiming our land and addressing and calling for action to combat climate change.

Youth Food Bill of Rights: In order to reshape our broken food system, we the youth have come together to name our rights.

CONNECT Blog: Connect to a growing network of community-based organizations that are leading by example — actively forging new ideas, spreading community innovation, and building the movement.

Breaking Through Concrete: A collection of images and short descriptions from twelve urban farms in twelve American cities.

Visit Community Voices to meet the farmers, youth leaders, organizers and communities that are fighting hunger & poverty right now!

Get inspired by WhyHunger’s Food Justice Voices series, created to support and amplify the voices of people working to regain control of their communities’ food system. Telling their own stories, these individual leaders and communities are on the front lines shaping the movement to alleviate food insecurity and build food justice across America.


RESULTS is committed to creating the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. As part of this, RESULTS is also committed to empowering people to experience breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.

Dr. Yunus gives a shout out to RESULTS volunteers at the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

Bring_dynamic_speakers_to_your_event_heres_how/: Valerie Harper, Senator Bob Bennet, Muhammad Yunus, and Sam Daley-Harris speak out about RESULTS.

Food Tank

Academy for Global Citizenship

  • The Academy for Global Citizenship is creating a model for other schools, based on integrating sustainable practices into the classroom. Check out their page about their Net Positive learning philosophy.

Composting in school cafeterias

  • Sarah Lawrence’s Compost Club began in May 2013, working to compost all food waste at the school. Dickinson’s compost program is co-managed by the Student Garden, which receives about 800 pounds of food waste per week.

Earth Amplified

  • Their recent video Food Fight garnered the group a great deal of attention, passing along the message of food justice in a punchy and memorable format.

Fanrpan’s Youth in Agriculture

Move For Hunger

  • Move For Hunger has a large collection of videos, including some of their involvement with Hurricane Sandy victims and with food banks all over the United States.


  • In addition to DJ B’s daily radio show, ShujaazFM now includes social media, a comic book, and videos. Listeners can also text the host.

Team Ingenerovictus

  • Take a look at the Thought for Food website to explore other projects competing this year.