Hello everyone.

My name is Faima Zahid and I study in Pakistan International School , Doha Qatar.

When i talk about My hobbies, nothing in particular comes to mind. I just like to do Things which makes my soul happy. Helping others is the ultimate act which not only relieves the others but also makes you happy. I was introduced to iearn 1 year ago by my teacher Mam Ambreen Mehboob and I must say it has been a great experience. There were many discussions to contribute in. I however chose to be a part of the hunger solutions discussion. To be honest, I had been oblivious about how there are thousands of people starving out of hunger everyday. It is a very serious issue. In this project, we explored this issue and came across through many amazing organizations which work to ease the suffering and pain of such people. We did some fundraising activities and I was truly blessed and honoured to know that this little gesture helped someone. The feelings and experiences have been incredible.

Therefore, i want everyone who is a part of this project to feel this joy as well. We all must work together and wipe out the hunger completely. Every action matters, whether its you making presentations trying to spread the word or raise funds to help the needy people. But the most  important thing is to look in your surroundings. You never know it might be your neighbour who has to go to sleep every night empty stomach.

A big Thankyou to Ms. Mary who has given me the golden opportunity to become the Student Ambassador. So if you need any help and are in search of any guideline, feel free to ask me.

Faima’s Essay:

This is Faima Zahid from Pakistan International School, Doha-Qatar. I am a 10th grader.

Now it has been a while since my team and I have joined this project. I want to take you all on a journey of what we have learned through iEARN and our experience with it.

; this word does not exist in our dictionary. We get good meals three times a day. We have enough water to never feel the thirst and have all the necessities of life. Thus, we do not recognize hunger. However, there are people out there who struggle to get even a bite of food or a drop of water. They are deprived of it. These are the people for whom we need to recognize hunger. We all need to have knowledge of this issue. Me and my team got this opportunity through iEARN.

Through this platform, we were aware of the present causes and possible solutions of hunger. We performed many activities among which was a fundraising event. Our goal was to help even if it was just one person.

Hunger is just one problem but the solution is in many forms. Equal distribution of food, eradication of unemployment and poverty and prevention of food waste are some included. According to the World Food program, 1/3 of the food produced is wasted. This is what we can prevent on an individual level.

There are many organizations in the world which are giving their utmost to help give the hungry their rights. One of the many is Kiva (https://www.kiva.org). This organization does amazing work by fundraising for the less fortunate so they can work hard and make something good of their lives.

It is our duty and the hungry’s right to do our part and help them make their lives better. The most important thing to keep in mind while working on this is that even helping one person can make a big difference. In the words of Mother Teresa, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”  Now we want you to join this cause. Let us all give our best to save humanity for the sake of humanity. For it is us who will make a difference and free the world from hunger.